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Free ACT! Addons is a website dedicated to listing ACT! addons which are available for Free to the ACT! Community.

ACT! is a popular small to medium business Customer Relationship Management system. it has been around for over 25 years and has over 2.7 Million users worldwide! One of the reasons why ACT! is so popular is due to the ease of creating addon solutions which extend the power of ACT! beyond what you get out of the box, although ACT by itself is very powerful you can still get more value out of it by installing Addon software which improve upon existing functionality in ACT! or add additional functions on top of what is already there.

Feel free to browse the Addons section of our site and download any of the addons that interest you, the addons listed here are all developed by Xact Software Solutions Unless otherwise stated.

Site News:

July 2013

Ok, so this isn't an update about a free Act! addon but it was just too cool not to show you. We've recently been exploring the possibility of integrating Google Apps with Act! using our XData API. If you're interested check out this video to see our tech demo in action.

June 2013

Featured Addon: Xact Software showcases the free GUID2Field addon by Hero Technical Solutions. This addon makes exporting and re-importing data easy by copying a records unique ID into a field in ACT! so that it can be used as a single matching criteria. Read more and download here.

April 2013

Xact Software releases new auto-color update addon. Assign a different color to each of the users in your database, and whenever you schedule an activity for them the addon will assign the appropriate color! Read more and download here.

20 March 2013

Important note for addon installs on ACT! 2013 and above: some free ACT addons are not visilbe in ACT!. To prevent this you must ensure that the addon file you download is not blocked before installing the product. 

After downloading and unzipping the addon right click on the .dll file and go to "Properties > General tab" and hit the "unblock" button (view image). If the .dll file has not been blocked there will be no unblock button visible.

Once you have confirmed that the .dll file is unblocked you can install the product as per the README file.

23 November 2012

The Xact Bulk Opportunity Status Update Tool (now known as the Bulk Opportunity Updater) has been improved and now includes the ability to bulk update Opportunity Process and Stage. Download the latest version of this FREE addon from our Addons page.

05 Sept 2012

Two new free addons! The Xact Activity ID Status Update addon and the Xact Bulk Opportunities Status Update addon , download from our Addons section.

06 October 2011

Xact Software's newest addon: Gmail button for ACT! is released. Download your copy from our Addons section.

15 June 2011

A new free Addon! Bulk Update for Linked Company fields. Download your copy from our Addons section.

02 May 2011

Another update to the Opportunity Duplicator addon, now with enhanced recurrence settings, you can specifiy whether to create opportunities Weekly and you can also specify which day of month and month of year etc. Download your copy from our Addons section.

21 April 2011

An update to our Opportunity duplicator, adds the option to Replicate an existing opportunity over a date range! Download your copy from our Addons section.

23 February 2011

A new addon for ACCs, we have added a utility to provide the option to delete all companies within the current lookup, logon with your ACC account and download your copy from our Addons section.